Redneck Dreaming
For my redneck mates, salt of the earth that they are, and for the part of me that will always see myself as 25, with a utility with a gun in the back, and a practical interest in, and love of nature.
Now that the whole world is run by the urban professional classes, who hate and fear them, I suppose their days are numbered, but their passing will be as sad as that of the plains Indians, or our own Native Australians. Pity that only those considered totally harmless to the ruling elite in the cities are now allowed to be a minority, and protected as such. Strange, tolerance never seems to increase, the only thing that changes is which group is in, and which out.

  • A Plague of Houses
  • The Song of the Chimpanzee
  • Up the Coast
  • Penis envy and the anti-gun movement

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