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Hello, I'm Stephen Heyer. I live in Rockhampton in tropical Australia. It is a modestly sized regional center specializing in agriculture, mining, education, good beaches, and not having yet been discovered by the tourists or developers (thank God).

I'm a member of the peak local conservation organization, The Capricorn Conservation Council, as well as other community groups and the volunteer Coast Guard. I enjoy bushwalking, diving, shooting and science, and most of all, communing with my good friends, one of who, Rob (Rohbear), has been tutoring me in WEB Site design.

I design and build databases and look after a few good clients' (and several community groups') computers. This provides the wherewithal to live in genteel poverty, and to have the time and resources to study and enjoy the beautiful world I have the undeserved good fortune to have been born into.

Favorite Books

Favorite Movies

Heyer's rules of thumb of human behavior, ethics and society

  1. Human beings are endlessly opportunistic, self-serving and self-deceiving. That is the secret of their success.
  2. Most attempts to elaborate core ethics are really attempts by one group to corrupt those ethics and gain advantage at the cost of others (see rule 1).
  3. People struggle to extend their preferred method of gaining power and privilege and to discredit competing methods (see rule 1).
  4. For all their intelligence, humans are no better than rats at dealing with the limits of growth (see rule 1).
  5. All societies are under constant challenge both from other societies and from opportunistic internal groups (see rule 1).

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